Monday, October 23, 2006

reading is fundamental

when saw this over at coolhunting thought was great and wanted to spread the word.

"The International Children's Digital Library is working on a goal to provide people around the world access to a digital library of children's books that will surpass 10,000 volumes by 2008. By constructing varying interface levels for children 3 to 13, ICDL has created a reading experience that evolves with each child's individual growth and will preserve the best of children's literature for future generations."

I have already checked out two books on the site, and am excited to see it develop

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  • follow the leader

    'Head On' by Cai Guo-Qiang at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. The installation consists of 99 life-sized wolves, fabricated from painted sheepskins and stuffed with hay and metal wires, barreling in a continous stream towards - and into - a glass wall. Only the first ones crash into it, but the pack chases after the leader.

    Inspired by the omnipresence of German history, he made his first sketches for the exhibition, after which a concept developed out of these ideas that contains references to the various media that Cai Cuo-Qiang employs as well as addresses the city in terms of content and the exhibition space itself in terms of form.

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  • Sunday, October 22, 2006

    directions: remove cap.

    picked up some markers* yesterday and tried them out. first time painting on shoes, not gonna quit the day job but it is relaxing. working on second pair now will have up soon.

    *markers: Sharpie/ paint/ oil-based/ medium

    Saturday, October 21, 2006


    5x5 painting/ canvas/ acrylic/ airmax95
    this is an exploration of daily movements and patterns of movement. It was research apart of the inspireme foundation I am working to develop. I am currently working on two more explorations and will post when finished.

    I have taken some pictures closer to the canvas so that you can see the tred patterns from the rubber outsole of the shoe.


    Tuesday, October 17, 2006


    "...his intense and often chaotic renderings providing some of the most memorable and iconic symbols of alienation, confusion, and innocence over the last decade."

    with that said, check him out

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  • gothamist

    interesting/ blog/ forum/ things happening in the city

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    Color Codes Matching Chart HTML (Convert CMYK, RGB Hex)
    a good reference site/ color/ corporate design

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  • flickreathers

    Enter in a tag or tags (separated by commas) and see what the images would look like if they were stuck on a bird.

    Am sure this is the beginning of using flickr with different creative solutions.

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  • Monday, October 16, 2006


    A link with some different creative ideas for advertising. The ads are from all around the world. I thought this one with the mouse pad was unique. This controversial idea was done in Dubai by Sandeep Fernandes and Husen Baba Khan for the male deodorant, Axe. "The mouse pad that every guy needs."

    one comment made about the ad,
    "Very funny I liked the one for axe even though I'm a woman... it's slightly offensive but creative xD"

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  • next top model...

    Reginald Pike's Yael Staav takes us from model to billboard in under 60 seconds in this impressive new spot from Dove. It is a reality, but the video spot really brings it to life.

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  • Sunday, October 15, 2006

    L+R+R+R = greenrectangle

    Wish had a website like this.
    The site is graphic and the user interface is simple. The way you navigate through it is fresh. It might not be the fastest way to view work but who is in a rush these days...

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  • printmakingmadness

    "enjoy our holiday smorgasboord of ink on paper and other nifty gifts"

    fresh work and variey- check em out and be apart of the smorgasboord

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  • offtheWALL
    Design, illustration, photography, interiors.

    Amazing work with a sense of negative/ positive space and composition. I have selected a couple that stood out to me but must check out the other works. As they say on there site "please scroll down for more!"...

    *Michael Jackson one is just on some other shyt..but you gotta laugh

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  • originalARTwork

    Grafik presents Felt-Tip, in collaboration with Letraset
    An exhibition of original artwork by 30 leading graphic designers

    22 - 30 September 2006
    SEA Gallery 70 St John Street
    London EC1M 4DT

    Part of the London Design Festival 2006

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  • Felt-Tip
  • onestepatatime

    Bridge by Michael Cross,
    is a series of steps that rise out of the water as you walk across them, as if walking on water. On entering the exhibition the visitor is met by an empty expanse of water with one step at its edge: stepping on to it forces it...

    Apart of the London Design Festival events

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  • sneakerpower

    The World's First Sneaker Powered Website. Its cool, but after a while you loose your attention, and he begins to slow down...let me know if you find out the right combination.

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  • Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Masters of Transport

    Friend at work passed this on to me and thought would share. I think it is amazing to see how people problem solve.

    The pictures speak for themselves.

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    who is Mario?

    "In 1988 Inside Edition tackled hard hitting questions like "What is Mario's last name?" This Bill O'Reilly intro'ed fluff piece on then still non-mainstream Nintendo and "fantasy game" Super Mario Bros. is classic, embarrassing stuff. The video is an absolute must see if only for the glorious flowing locks of Nintendo game counselor Ron Leingang."

    "he has entered another world...a world of danger, intrigue, and magic"

    Sunday, October 01, 2006


    Marc Jacobs has just done a collection with Vans. Many have this to say about the collection,

    " far one of the best we've seen. The use of bold colours and cool patterns done on canvas, cord and leather look awesome!!!"

    more is available to read on

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